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Our CAD and CAM services offer the highest level of prototyping
and 3D modelling to our clients.

3d modelling

3d modelling

3D modelling is a computer graphics technique that produces a 3D digital representation of surfaces or objects. Our artists are well versed with different exclusive software which they use to influence vertices (points in a virtual space) to create a compilation of vertices which creates an object. Our engineers are experienced enough to provide extensive 3D modelling services. Whether you are looking for 3D modelling facilities for small objects or large structures and buildings, we guarantee to you, precise 3D models. Our staffs are well trained to ensure that your `models are detailed and life` like. Additionally, we offer you 3D laser scanning services which are highly precise when it comes to seizing point cloud data that we use when creating models. Call Now.



At PME Ltd, we believe that concepts should be tested. This explains why we provide prototyping services to enable you to evaluate your concepts and evolutions all through your project. This way, you are able to safeguard it from unwanted risks and mistakes. Our team perceives prototyping as a key component to the progression of product design that gives you the chance to envision your product and bring it to reality physically in an affordable manner. We have extensive in-house workshop advanced equipment which includes paint finishing, high-speed CNC machining, 3D printing, and vacuum resin casting.

We combine these with traditional workshop tools in order to generate a wide variety of prototypes in different materials to meet the product development standards required. Call Now.

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