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Here at PME Ltd we also offer a range of services that although have
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Anodising is a procedure that involves treating and coating metal using a protective oxide layer. Basically, it enhances the metal’s durability and prevents hard wearing when the metal is finally used for its predetermined purpose. Our team is well versed with anodising procedures for different metals. Aluminium, for instance, is one of the most covered metals.

Anodising involves a variety of areas which our engineers are well conversant with such as hard anodising, chromic acid anodising, and sulphuric acid anodising. All these procedures come with various benefits that are determined by the type of metal to be covered. At PME Ltd, we use anodising to transform aluminium into a versatile, popularly used product. Call Now.

Chemical blacking

chemical blacking

Chemical blacking, also known as black oxide coating is a cosmetic procedure that provides a profound black finish on alloy, carbon, and unalloyed steel objects. At PME Ltd, we take our objects through a thorough polishing process before the chemical blacking procedure in order to achieve a profound gloss black finish.

In this procedure, elements within steel react with chemicals in the bath which results in the black surface. This means that the process does not include dimensional elimination or addition of any item. Therefore, it is an ideal procedure for coated parts produced to inflexible resistance. This treatment can be effectively used for heat treated parts. Our chemical blacking process provides a certain degree of abrasion resistance and rust protection.Call Now.



Electroplating is a procedure that involves the application of a metal coating on a different piece of metal through electro deposition. In this procedure, the deposited metals then become part of the product by coating it. PME Ltd offers electroplating services mainly to commercial organisations and produces top quality silver, gold, nickel, and rhodium plating. Additionally, we offer vermeil and electroforming finishes from our modern electroplating facility. Whether you want re-plating or fresh electroplating services, our team is well equipped to provide you with efficient services. We adhere to a stringent quality control process to provide you with the best results. You can use our electroplating services to transform metal surface properties such as wear resistance and abrasion, corrosion resistance, or lubricity. Call Now.

Heat treatment

heat treatment

Heat treatment is a mental procedure that enhances the physical and mechanical properties of a specific application. This procedure is essential and critical when it comes to softening or hardening the metal. Our team is highly qualified to provide tempering and quenching treatments on materials that need enhanced wear resistance and strength. We have adopted modern and advanced facilities to improve this procedure. Heat treatment for overly hard steels like cutting appliances with hugely defined edges is an essential procedure for maintenance purposes. We also utilize solution aging and treating on Inconel 718 for turbine cutting tools in the aerospace sector. This helps improve the performance of high temperature while prolonging engine life. Call Now.

Nickel plating

nickel plating

Do you have old metal parts that you are almost disposing of? Nickel plating is all you need to give your metal a brand new look. PME Ltd provides quality and reliable nickel plating services for both used and new metal parts. Our nickel plating services are specially designed for do it yourself fanatics you do not mind getting dirty to achieve their goals.

We are committed to ensuring that our services are top notch. For instance, we have a nickel plating department which provides a huge capacity to ensure that all market demands are met especially in regard to speed for both small and large batch sizes. Our prices are generally affordable since we have adopted a system that indicates precise pricing. Call Now.



At PME Ltd we offer an extensive variety of both exterior and interior projects which include; floor and wall coatings, paper hanging, pre-paint repairs, general painting services, environmental and hygienic coatings, and response maintenance. Our team of professionals are highly qualified and experienced in this industry.

We have gained vast experience from working with different clients in various projects both huge and small. Over the years, we have refined and developed our services and specially designed long-term painting programs to help customers achieve high presentation standards for their structures at affordable prices. Call Now.

Powder coating

powder coating

PME Ltd provides top quality powder coating services that satisfy our customers’ turnaround preferences and standards. We specialise in both mass and short-run production volumes and are capable of fulfilling your demands across the UK. We have been in the industry for 30 years now throughout which we have gained immense experience.

We have collaborated with numerous reputable OEMs, engineers, and suppliers in the aerospace and medical, gas and oil, and the automotive industries. We offer exceptional technical support, reliability, and delivery for a variety of services and products such as medical gadgets and high-efficiency brake callipers. Our team is able to mask intricate designs and offer binary powder coatings for manufacturers aiming at coating objects in more than two varying colours.Call Now.

Silk screen printing

silk screen printing

Screen printing is a procedure that involves the use of deep coloured inks and a mesh screen to print designs on garments. Screen printing can be used in various types of fabric such as cotton, silk, and polyester. Many people associate screen printing with T-shirts which are loved by people from all generations especially because they come with a high quality, fine detail, and a soft finish. What’s more, they are durable.

At PME Ltd, we strive to make your work easier by offering the best silk screen printing services. If you specialise in bulk garment printing, we shall help you produce them faster. While the process needs lots of preparation time, our team is experienced enough to provide high-quality services. The production procedure becomes easier once the machine has been set up. Call Now.

Spark eroding

spark eroding

Spark erosion is the process of machining hard materials, sizes, and shapes due to the absence of cutting forces. PME Ltd offers high stipulation erosion machining for your company that allows you to clear away any material in a highly regulated manner.

Using this procedure, we are able to develop forms and shapes that would otherwise not have been achieved using traditional manual or CNC turning and milling procedures. We have continued to upgrade our spark eroding services over the years. Currently, have three fully functional CC machines complete with C axis that is calibrated annually to ensure it meets stipulated standards. We have also adopted advanced machines to enhance our service delivery. Call Now.



At PME Ltd, we are capable of welding a vast range of materials such as 316 and 304 stainless steel, duplex, titanium, exotic metals, and aluminium. Our technicians can weld all types of components whether they are small or huge sheets and pipes. We specialise in different types of welding such as; site or mobile welding.

Our technicians come to your premises armed with all welding facilities needed for retrofitting or manufacturing items and conducting installations or repairs. Our welding procedures vary from oxy-acetylene, TIG, MIG, and MMA. Our technical team is willing to give you recommendations where necessary and share their knowledge to help you solve minor problems on your own. We carry out a thorough inspection to ensure all welding works are completed efficiently. Call Now.

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